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Adding pebble dashing to your exterior walls can give your home or building a more natural look or cover old tired brickwork. Smooth pebbles are thrown or "dashed" (Hence the name) onto a topcoat of render before it dries so that they stick to it providing a good weather and water resistant surface requiring very little maintenance. Masonry paint can be applied to the finished work to keep out moisture.
Thinking about giving your home a long overdue makeover?
One of the most popular ways of improving the aesthetics of exterior walls is to have your walls “rendered”.
Rendering can totally transform any old brick wall turning an old home into a modern masterpiece.
Skimming a thin coat of plaster applied to an old plaster wall removes the bumps and depressions in the wall's texture or hides a new plaster wall's imperfections. The paper facing of plasterboard is chemically treated to provide a bonding surface for plaster.
The smooth, flat surface of skimmed plaster readily accepts paint or wallpaper.
Artex isn’t as popular as it used to be. Countless homes built over the last 30 years or so have ceilings which have been covered with Artex.
Many people think that they are stuck with Artex ceilings and that there's no way of getting rid of them unless you board over them.
It is possible to plaster over an Artex ceiling, it's all in the preperation and the skill of the plasterer. For old deep Artex it usually involves applying a layer of bonding coat first to fill the ceiling out.

Scaffolding can be supplied if required; also Internal or External Decorating upon request.